“Instruction ends in the School – room,
but education ends only with life.”

About School

In the 90´s there were Thousands of families living in the old city but the local schools did not offer a Quality Education for their Beloved Daughters. The idea of sending their Daughters to different parts of City did not appealing. Honourable Mr. Abdul Qayum Khan decided to open his own school in old City which came to be known as Presidency Girls High School.

Today, Presidency Girls High School is an institution where education is seamlessly integrated with positive social values coupled with creative freedom that equips every student with necessary life skills.

As PGHS celebrates its 25th anniversary, we constantly Endeavour to nurture students to become responsible citizens and the school's inclusive environment ensures that every learner is offered an exposure that goes beyond text books.

School Facilities

A list of remarkable facilities is given below:

  • Computer laboratories equipped with the latest educational software packages.
  • State-of-the art multi resource library powered by broadband internet connectivity. The library also houses an audio – Visual presentation theatre.
  • IT resource room equipped with multimedia personal computers.
  • A Child Centred Environment.
  • Active Learning through exploration and play.
  • Integrated Method of Learning.

Every member of our staff is committed to working in partnership with parents and the community to provide the highest quality education. At PGHS, we embrace and celebrate each student´s unique contributions, and inspire each student to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. We have created a caring community in which students are encouraged to focus on respect, responsibility, cooperation and honesty. Our instructional program uses a variety of strategies and methods to ensure that every child succeeds.

we have created an environment where teachers love to teach and students love to learn. Dedicated to lifelong learning, our staff participates in professional development initiatives and stays informed about the latest research, exemplary teaching practices, and the need for addressing the social aspects of the developing child.

We are committed to providing our students the very best in education.