Post Graduation

The S. N. R. P. Educational Society owes its existence to a highly motivated and dedicated group of old Hyderabadies belonging to various walks of life and earnestly committed to the intellectual Cultural and Social betterment of the old city in general and the Muslims in particular. At the out set the actual personality behind the scene is Mr. Mohd Abdul Qayum Khan founder of the society, who is himself a graduate and Law professional from Osmania University as Secretary cum Director. The society name is Associated with his Late mother and wife.

In 1998-99 academic year MBA. course was started with a batch of 40 Students, affiliated to Osmania University and approved by AICTE. However in 1999-2000 MCA course was started under the same banner with an intake of 30 students affiliated by Osmania University and approved by AICTE.

The College Campus is spread over a land of 2600 sq. yards built up area 60,000 sq. feet, with sufficient parking space, Canteen facility, Girls sitting room, Administration block, Staff rooms, Seminar Hall and Projector rooms. State of art is the Computer Lab with 200 Computers, 3 Servers and many Nodes, with Internet facility available.

The Library is adequately furnished to meet the requirements of staff and the students. It presently has over 8,000 books and has a large reading room provided with high priced publication and the latest journals in both courses. About 120 students and staff can sit at a time in library for their usage.

The results of the outgoing final year students in both courses have been consistently good. The students of both the courses have secured good ranks in the university.

To ensure that the current batch as well as coming batches of students do not find themselves at a loss at the end of their course and also that the best of students do not hesitate in stepping into institution they are having a placement cell for providing on campus placement and Career Counselling.

The working hours of the college is 9:00 am to 2:10 pm with a break of 15 minutes and 50 minutes in two sessions of the day.

Presidency School of Management and Computer Sciences - MBA
Detailed List of faculty to be furnished by the College
Sl. No Name of the Teacher Qualifications whether having
MBA I Class
Date of Birth Selections through Total no.of
years of Exp
Unique Id, PAN & Bank Details
1 Dr. Syed Valiullah Bakhtiyari Bsc,MBA,Phd. 01/04/1977 University 18 Bank A/C 053012010000449
PAN Card: BNNPB3743E
2 Mr.P.Mohan Kumar MCA, M.Tech 20/11/1981 University 13 1-7361153278 ASKPP0951B 053010100064041 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj
3 Mrs.Sadia Najmus Saher B.Sc, MCA 07/05/1974 University 16 1-4670179180 ALQPN0220L 053010100162635 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj
4 Mrs.Priya Agarwal B.Com, MBA 01/06/1983 University 16 1-4252407935 AIGPA1089B 053010100167269 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj
5 Mr.Riazuddin Ahmed M.Com, MBA 10/11/1971 University 9 1-4489026076 ASHPA9358E 053010100162662 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj
6 Mr. Vimal Kumar Agarwal B.Com, MBA 10/08/1985 University 12 1-467927311 AKQPA0253H 57924 AP Mahesh co-op Bank
7 Mrs. D.Umanjani B.A., MBA 11/8/1974 University 11 1-467927315 BJPG9698G 053010100034998 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj
8 Mrs. Syeda Rabab Mehdi Abedi B.Sc, MBA 11/8/1985 University 11 1-467927177 BHIPM6019D 053010100162644 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj
9 Mr. B.Kumar Raja M.Com, MBA 09/05/1973 University 9 1-4489195894 AWGPB8052P 053010100162699 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj
10 Mrs. Bushra Naaz B.Com, MBA 15/10/1992 Management 4 1-3360402599 BBEPN3913P 053010100163801 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj
11 Mrs. Shrenika M.Com, MBA 15/04/1988 Management 1 1-7377186848 AMGPV8985M 053010100144824 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj
12 Miss. Qamarunnisa B.Com, MBA 11/5/1992 Management 1 1-7377186855 AHCPU4441J 053010100163810 Andhra Bank, Shamsheergunj

Admission Procedure

Admission TestICET
Name of the Test Agency OSMANIA UNIVERSITY, Hyderabad, A. P.

70 % of total seats for ICET (Convenor Quota)  
30% of Total seats for Management quota

All information of calendar and admissions, results, closing admissions, starting of the academic sessions is as per affiliating university i.e. Osmania University instructions and almanac.

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